Besides feeding, there are many other ways we serve the people in our community.  Here you'll find a few of them.

Christmas Presents
Spreading joy

We sponsor local children at Christmas time to buy presents their families cannot afford.  We usually go shopping together as a big group and have a blast!

Square Dance Benefits
Helping others and having fun

We often sponsor Square Dances as benefit fundraisers to help local individuals, for mission trips, or service opportunities in the wider world.  We take advantage of the local Appalachian mountain musical talent and traditions to raise money for good cause, listening to good music, and having a good time!

Blessing Bags
Help for the Homeless

Blessing Bags are simply ziplog bags filled with toiletries, snacks, and essentials you can keep in your car to be handed out to people standing on street corners, or downtown, who could use these basic necessities.